Q. Does Incredible Spread’Em need to be refrigerated?
A. Yes, upon purchasing our product, take it home and put it in the freezer or fridge. It is fine if you accidentally leave it out on the counter over-night but replace to freezer or fridge asap.

Q. What is the shelf life on Incredible Spread’Em?
A. Our product Incredible Spread’Em will last you up to one year in the fridge and up to two years in the freezer. Just be sure you do not cross-contaminate with other products (bread crumbs, etc.)

Q. I’ve purchased other garlic spreads like Incredible Spread’Em, are they the same?
A. Not as far as we can tell! There are a number of “copy-cats” out there, we are the original hand mixed and packaged garlic spread! Others are more garlicky, don’t have as good a shelf life, and in our opinion; just don’t taste the same! See our retailers list so you aren’t fooled by the imposters!

Q. There are weird orangey-red spots in my Incredible Spread’Em, is it OK?
A. These spots are normal and good, It’s the peppers emulsifying into the base, if anything, it will help your Incredible Spread’Em taste BETTER!

Q. How long have you been making Incredible Spread’Em?
A. We have been making our product for about 21 years, it was originally for personal use, but becuase of such a huge demand from the public who loved it and wanted it, we have now been selling it to the public since 1993.

Q. Do you ship Incredible Spread’Em?
A. Yes, we ship Incredible Spread’Em nation wide*, but avoid shipments between June and September as the product should be kept cool, and it is often too hot to safely ship it year-round. Please e-mail us directly at: simplythebest@incrediblegarlicspread.com for more information. Also check our Distributor and store locations or our Upcoming Events Calendar.
Note: At this time we cannot ship out of the county, Incredible Spread’Em is a grocery item however, and can be taken with you over the border home to the United States, or if you are flying, in your checked baggage.

Q. I just purchased 3 containers of A&M Home Products Inc. Incredible Spread’Em and I do not like the taste. Can I return the unopened containers of Incredible Spread’Em, pay for the return shipping and receive a refund or credit on my credit card for the unopened containers?
A.Unfortunately A&M Home Products Inc. cannot give you a refund for any unopened containers of Incredible Spread’Em unless it is defective. Please ensure that you have trialed a small amount of Incredible Spread’Em before ordering a large quantity. This same refund policy also applies to any other perishable products that A&M Home Products Inc. sells. There will be no refunds or returns whatsoever because of health and safety reasons unless the product is defective. Once A&M Home Products Inc. has sold its Incredible Spread’Em or other perishable products, it cannot resell them

Q. I love your product, can I sell Incredible Spread’Em?
A. YES!! We are always looking for new retailers and people to sell our product for us at their local farmer’s markets or other trade/craft shows.Please e-mail us for more information.
*Please specify if you are a store, or a person wanting to sell for us at shows in your area