Our Story

We originally mixed and packaged our product at home with a large metal bowl and a spatula, when we doubled our production line; we bought another bowl! Our product was stored in a dozen refrigerators that were located in the garage and dining room of our home. We have since expanded to a point where this is no longer feasible and now have a small facility to mix our garlic spread with a stand mixer,where it is still hand packaged and stored in a walk-in freezer for delivery to our customers.

Unlike other commercial garlic spreads, Incredible Edible Spread’Em will last you up to a year in the fridge, and can be frozen for up to two years. Use Incredible Edible Spread’Em on or in your baked, mashed and roasted potatoes, steamed, sauteed or grilled vegetables, on your meats, poultry and seafood, over popcorn; even your eggs in the morning!

We are striving to make our product more readily available, as we have a large following of customers all across Ontario, Canada, even the world. We ship nation wide,and are always looking for new venues to introduce our product to potential customers, as well as retail locations to catch up with existing customers.