Confidential Information and Privacy

A&M Home Products Inc respects each individual’s autonomy and is committed to protecting the privacy of all users of the site.
A&M Home Products Inc’s stance on privacy is very simple:
:first, A&M Home Products Inc collects personal information about you only when you knowingly and willingly provide it.
:second, A&M Home Products Inc will not share, sell or otherwise profit from the distribution of personal data beyond the use it was provided to fulfill.
As with all A&M Home Products Inc’s relationships either on or off the Internet, A&M Home Products Inc holds its customers’ information with care and in strict confidentiality. Notwithstanding, A&M Home Products Inc reserves the right at all times, without prior notification to you, to disclose any information about you or your use of this Web site as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental request or court order.
A&M Home Products Inc aggregates non-personal information about our customers usage behavior from the Web site to better understand our customers’ needs and to improve our services overall. This aggregate information is shared with business-partners but does not include any personally identifiable information, and does not put the confidentiality of your information at risk.
Complete confidentiality and security is not yet possible over the Internet. Internet use and communication is subject to interception, loss and alteration. On whichever site you provide personal information, it is possible for a third party to view that information illegally. We take every precaution we possibly can to prevent this from happening. You acknowledge and agree that A&M Home Products Inc and its affiliates and related companies shall not be responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of the transmission of confidential or sensitive information over the Internet, and that all such communications will be at your own risk.